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FPV frequency sign up instructions for 2019

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How do Advanced class teams sign up for their FPV frequencies and how will the frequencies be managed at Aero Design?
In order to reduce interference with FPV video transmissions and to make the competition move more smoothly, we have decided to implement a frequency control system for Advanced class.

Please notify us of your first and second choice of the FPV frequency that you would prefer to use. Please clearly state if you are attending our East or West event and include your team name and team number.

You must email your frequency choices to: [email protected] as soon as possible. This email is only for frequency signup, No rules questions will be answered by that email address.

Please note that on the chart attached below, the first and last frequencies are marked in red. 5645 and 5945. These two frequencies are not legal to use in the US. Please do not attempt to use them.

You will be assigned frequency and channel group on a first-come-first-serve basis. We have grouped the most commonly used 5.8ghz frequencies into ten different groups to minimize interference. Nine of the groups are shown on the attached chart. There will be a group 10 for anyone not using these frequencies.

After reviewing the chart, pick your two desired frequencies and make note of which group your frequency choices are, from 1 to 10. We will update this list until all the teams from each competition have given us their frequencies and channel grouping. Please try to choose from channels that are less crowded. If two or more teams choose the same channel group, they will have to share a control pin which dictates who can have their equipment turned on. Only one team at a time can use that numbered channel group. If at the competition two teams are sharing the same frequency group and they are in line to fly, they may be asked to move back one position to let the first team up have sole possession of their FPV channel group. We will a radio scanner that will scan all channels to ensure all FPV equipment is off while the Advanced class is flying, except for the team making their attempt.

If a given group of frequencies become crowded, we will ask teams to pick another group. Ideally, we would like to have no more than two teams per group of frequencies.

As requests come in and frequencies and channel groups are assigned, we will continually update this new FAQ, number 224, named “FPV frequency sign up instructions for 2019”, on the SAE Aero Design rules discussion forum. This FAQ will show these instructions and a list of the total number of teams that have chosen each of the 10 channel groups. Team information will not be posted, just the total number of teams using each channel group. Teams can visit this FAQ anytime and review how many teams are on any given channel group. We will have separate lists for East and West.

Thank you for your help in getting us this information to help improve all FPV operations and for your rapid response to this requirement.

current frequency group assignments:

East 2019:

Group 1:
Group 2: 2
Group 3: 1
Group 4: 1
Group 5: 1
Group 6: 2
Group 7: 1
Group 8: 1
Group 9:
Group 10: 1

West 2019

Group 1:
Group 2: 2
Group 3: 2
Group 4: 1
Group 5: 1
Group 6: 1
Group 7:
Group 8: 1
Group 9: 1
Group 10: 1

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