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FAA UAS registraion for SAE Aero Design: 2019 update

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Do Aero Design aircraft require FAA UAV registration?
At this time, the 2019 FAA requirement for UAV registration is the same as it as been for the last two years. This process will be changing in the future, but likely after the 2019 Aero Design events.

If the aircraft weighs more than 9 oz. ready to fly, the aircraft must have a current FAA UAS hobby class registration.

Teams can register at the link below. Aero Design teams must choose the Part 336 model aircraft type of registration (per FAA guidance given us for educational UAS aircraft), not the Part 107 registration.


While Aero Design rules do not mention FAA registration, it is each teams responsibility to comply with all applicable US laws and registrations when participating in Aero Design. Also, the FAA has indicated interest in the Aero design event and may attend to observe.
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