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How do I use a separate receiver battery or power source with the SAE Power Limiter

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How can we use a separate radio power source besides the BEC in the ESC to power the radio system, since we are not allowed to modify the limiter, and the limiter will not work with an optically coupled ESC?
Teams are allowed to remove the pin for the red wire or they can cut the red wire at the power limiter to radio receiver connection. This is an SAE approved modification.
After the red wire has been removed or cut at this location and the bare end(s) protected, you can then plug a separate receiver battery into any empty channel plug on your receiver to power the radio system.

The limiter is designed to work with this modification to enable the use of a separate radio battery. The limiter will not work with any opto type ESC.

The attached picture shows the exact wire to remove or cut.

No other SAE power Limiter modifications are allowed.

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