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Affiliating to More Than One Team on www.sae.org Roster

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We have a team of the same students actively involved in both two (or three) class this year, meaning there's no clear distinction between the members and the particular class. Is there any way to register members with both aircraft for the competition?
The one team per student registration restriction on the www.sae.org was created simply to avoid double counting students in our overall participation count. Currently, there is no rule against members participating on more than one team. Therefore, no team members will be excluded because of the roster. That is purely an administrative task. Your team can even choose to have all team members affiliated to only one team (except for the person who registered the second team originally). If your team chooses to do this, simply write your other team number(s) on the fast track forms in the top header. Print the nearly blank Fast Track forms for your other team(s) and turn those in at the same time.
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