Important Updates & Resources

2/23/2023 11:00:52 AM ET   SAE Aero Design Series

Hopin Signup for Aero East:
If you are a presenter for your team's virtual presentations. Don't forget to sign up on Hopin if you have not already. 1) create an account at and 2) register at the link below that correlates with your presentation date assigned. Aero West registration links will be provided later.

Timezone for Virtual Presentations:
Reminder that all virtual presentations in 2023 will be held in Eastern Standard Time - please be sure to convert your presentation time to your team's time zone.

New Build Videos Available in Learning Labs:
SAE has uploaded several helpful build videos into the Learning Labs section of To access these you will click the 'Learning Lab' link that appears on your menu after logged into the site. These videos are housed under the Design & Manufacturing section. Reviewing these videos - even late into the design/build cycle - will be valuable for your team.
Link to Learning Lab

New Podcast Episode on Inspection Certification:
We have a brand new episode live where Tech Inspector Josh Childs and Rules Committee Lead Lonnie Dong join us to discuss the new Inspection Certification process for this year's SAE Aero Design. What can we expect from the process, how can we prepare, and what is this paving the way for in future years of the competition?
Listen Now!

Florida Know Before You Go Meeting:
Missed last Friday's virtual welcome meeting for Florida? Check it out here!
Watch Now

Aero West Presenter Form:
The Aero West presenter form and document submission is official available/open. Please this form submitted no later than March 10th, 11:59:59 PM EST. We will post additional information on this tomorrow. In the meantime, the form is available within the 2023 CDS Competition Season folder of Series Resources and the submission slot is open to start accepting submissions as early as today.