Pre-Reg Reminder!

9/11/2023 9:07:45 AM ET   SAE Aero Design Series

Don't forget, pre-registration for 2024 eligible teams opens today at 10 AM EDT. Pre-registration will remain open until September 17th.

2024 Pre-Registration Guidelines

  • The top 3 overall winners from each class in the 2023 season get the opportunity to pre-register for the same class/event location in 2024.

  • You are not able to switch classes, or event locations.

  • If you placed top 3 overall in a class for BOTH event locations in 2023, you will have to choose which event you use your pre-registration opportunity on. We will only honor one team per class for pre-registration. You may register for a 2nd event in your class after the standard 2 week registration limit has passed on October 2nd.

  • Pre-registration only secures your team's registration, it does NOT equate to a free registration. Teams must still pay the registration fee.

  • The pre-registration window opens at 10 AM EDT on today, September 11th. There is no need to scramble to register right at 10 AM - your spot will be held for the entirety of the week of Sept 11th-Sept 17th. Register at your leisure - just don't forget!

  • If you fail to secure registration between the Sept 11th-Sept 17th, you will need to register on September 18th with the teams that weren't eligible for pre-registration. Your spot will no longer be held at that point. Registration will be first come, first serve starting Sept 18th.

  • If you do secure registration during the pre-reg period, please understand that your invoice will not generate until the day after registration opens on the 18th. You do not need to complete payment until 2 business days after your invoice generates.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us ASAP @ [email protected]!