2024 SAE Aero Design Season

8/22/2023 10:30:16 AM ET   SAE Aero Design Series

Registration for the 2024 SAE Aero Design season will be held Monday, September 18, 2023 on sae.org at 10:00 AM ET. Stay tuned to the news feed at www.saeaerodesign.com/go/news and the mobile app for more information as we get closer to registration week!

2024 SAE Aero Design Event Dates & Locations

  • SAE Aero Design East
    • March 8-10, 2024
    • Lakeland, Florida
  • SAE Aero Design West
    • April 12-14, 2024
    • Van Nuys, California

Registration Opens: Monday, September 18, 2023 @ 10:00 AM ET on sae.org.

2 Week Registration Restriction: Lifts on October 2, 2023

In an effort to give each university the opportunity to compete in at least one SAE Aero Design competition this year, SAE is continuing to place a 2 week restriction on registration. What this means is that universities may only register for ONE competition at the time that registration opens on September 18th. This restriction will lift on October 2nd, allowing teams to register for a second competition if they wish.

Pre-Registration Has Returned!

Teams who have placed top 3 overall in the 2023 season will be awarded the opportunity to register up to one week prior to registration opening to the general public. The registration is restricted to the correlating event location of the previous year. Aka, if you won top 3 in your class at SAE Aero Design East in 2023, you will have the ability to pre-register for the SAE Aero Design East 2024 event. Starting on September 11th 10:00 AM ET, top placing teams from the 2023 season will have early access to register.

  • Note: The 2 Week Restriction cited above will still apply - any team that placed top 3 overall at both events will have to choose one event only to use their pre-registration on. They could then register for a second competition after the restriction is lifted on October 2nd.
  • Here is the complete list of 2024 pre-registration eligible teams.

Full University Programs 2024 Schedule

The full 2024 University Programs Schedule has been published on sae.org. These pages will be under construction for the next two weeks as we update the pages to reflect the 2024 season.

General Info:

  • 2 competitions - march, april
  • $1500.00 USD per team
  • 75 registered teams / 60 waitlist teams
  • waitlist teams do not pay until offered a registration spot
  • waitlist teams must submit all required documents to maintain waitlist status
  • waitlist closes one month prior to event
  • Payment will be expected 2 business days after your invoice has generated (~72 hours after registration secured).

Need a Registration Refresher?

View a recording of our "How to Register" learning lab for the 2024 SAE University Programs season: