Aero East – Advanced Class Radio Frequency Request

5/2/2022 3:08:35 PM ET   SAE Aero Design East

Advanced Class Teams,

Thank you for accepting the SAE Collegiate Series Aero Competition challenge.

ADE Event Organizers are collecting frequency channels that will be utilized for this competition. Please send your request to [email protected] before Wednesday, May 4th!

We are looking for teams to submit the following:

Primary and PADA aircraft Frequencies
DAS frequencies
Payload specialist radio freq.
Fpv __freq/ OR none used.

We would also like to know the wattage output for each if it is commercially known. In the past we have requested three choices, for this year we will request two choices for video and DAS.

Each team will receive a tail number from 0 to 10 which will help separate frequencies. If you are using a spread spectrum system, just like in past years, you may be asked to restrict the range of the spread spectrum. We will be measuring frequency outputs and wattages during the competition. You will be assigned your group number at the competition during inspection. I will send an email for any de-conflict or spread spectrum reductions that are needed.

As in any competition, be prepared to make changes at inspection if necessary.

Good luck, and we will see you soon.

Glenn Cashion
Chief Judge, Air Boss, RF Monitor
SAE Aero Design Competition

Requests will be granted in order of receipt