Aero Design West Updates

4/9/2024 4:46:21 PM ET   SAE Aero Design West


  • The Aero Design West event will occur as scheduled this weekend. There is the potential of rain at the event site. Please plan accordingly.

  • Scored flight opportunities will continue to follow the posted event schedule. To maximize flight attempts, the fight line will continue to be open in cloudy, wet and rainy conditions. Additional flight time will not be added to the posted schedule.

  • Flying could be delayed if the following occur: Significant Heavy Rain and Other Severe Inclement Weather Conditions (Thunder, Lightning, etc). Participants may be asked to take shelter if those conditions occur and will be notified when it is safe to resume operations.

  • Please pay attention to the local weather as we get closer to the Aero Design West event this weekend. You will want to factor these potential conditions into your personnel and aircraft preparations.

Tech Inspection Schedule

  • A Tech Inspection schedule for Friday, April 12th has been posted on Competition Resources. The full inspection schedule can be viewed here.
    • This schedule was made to help streamline the tech inspection process.
    • Schools were randomly assigned inspection appointments. Teams from the same school were grouped together.
  • If your team:
    • Arrives Early or Late: You can join the general queue to meet with the next available tech inspectors. Teams following the inspection schedule will receive priority.
    • Is Required to Make Additional Modifications: You will need to enter the general queue to meet with the tech inspectors again, when they are available.
  • If a team wishes to participate in a practice flight prior to tech inspection, they will need approval on the flight line from either the Valley Flyers R/C Club or the Aero Design Air Boss.
  • No new teams will be taken in for tech inspection after 4:30 PM PT on Friday. Only active inspections will continue at that point. Tech inspection will resume on Saturday.