Aero Design West - Airtel Plaza Hotel Update

2/6/2019 2:10:44 PM   SAE Aero Design West

Aero Design West - Airtel Plaza Hotel Update

Our host venue for the Friday portion of the competition has graciously provided additional space for teams to prepare for Friday oral presentation and technical inspection. The expectation is that teams will not park/assemble/modify aircraft in the halls. As such, NO PARKING signs will be posted in the high traffic lobby/hallway areas local to our event rooms. Teams wishing to work on aircraft or practice presentations should make use of outdoor space or take advantage of the short-use indoor locations listed below. Remember we are guests of this facility and it is important that we are respectful.

Additional short-use team space (Friday only - 2 hour maximum)

  • Executive Boardroom (5th floor Tower Building)
  • Coaches Corner (4th floor Tower Building)
  • Lear Room (3rd floor Tower Building)

Please Note: Teams will be held liable for damage to the hotel.