East Presentation: Action Items

4/18/2022 10:55:33 AM ET   SAE Aero Design Series

Below are action items that presenters for SAE Aero Design East need to take immediately.

1. Presentation Schedule:

Be sure to review the Presentation Schedule posted in Series Resources for Aero East to review the date that your team is scheduled to present (April 22nd or April 29th) and the specific time that your team has been assigned. You can find this schedule within the '2022 CDS Competition Season' > 'Virtual Presentations' folders of Series Resources.

2. Signup @ Hopin:

Depending on the date that you're scheduled for you, need to do the following:

  1. Create an account at www.hopin.com

  2. AFTER creating an account at Hopin, sign up for your event (based on date presenting)

    1. April 22nd - Day 1: https://hopin.com/events/aero-design-east-day-1
    2. April 29th - Day 2: https://hopin.com/events/aero-design-east-day-2

Please make sure to do this as your earliest possible convenience!

Missing Presenter Form Teams

The following teams still have not submitted their presenter form for SAE Aero Design East.

If your team is listed below, please download the presenter form, complete and submit to [email protected] ASAP. Your team is currently at risk for missing your presentation due to this missing piece of info, and therefore are at risk for removal from the competition.

  • 12 - New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • 17 - Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • 19 - Univ of Virginia
  • 24 - Ohio Northern Univ
  • 31 - Beijing Univ of Aeronautics & Astro
  • 35 - Univ of Windsor
  • 36 - Univ of Pennsylvania
  • 212 - Univ of Delaware
  • 227 - Union College
  • 232 - Institute Of Aeronautical Engineering
  • 234 - Beijing Univ of Aeronautics & Astro
  • 235 - University of Western Ontario
  • 238 - Kennesaw State University
  • 328 - Southern New Hampshire Univ
  • 329 - Univ of Delaware
  • 330 - Univ of Central Florida

Please Note: If your team is on this list and you no longer plan on competing this year, please notify us in [email protected] asap. We would like to be able to give the volunteer judges a heads up so that they aren't wasting time waiting for your team to show up to present on presentation day.