Registration Onsite

4/7/2022 9:30:49 AM ET   SAE Aero Design West

Important Onsite Registration Reminder!

All teams need to bring their completed fast track roster and covid waivers to registration onsite at SAE Aero Design West tomorrow!

1: Fast Track Roster:

  • PRINT your roster off of
  • SIGN the roster - every team member must sign the document next to their name
  • BRING the roster to the registration desk

2: Covid Waiver

Every single person on the team (including faculty advisors and pilots) need to complete the 2022 Covid Liability Waiver that can be found at Series Resources or downloaded directly here.

  • PRINT the waiver from Series Resources
  • SIGN the waiver (every person must sign their own individual waiver)
  • BRING the waiver to the registration desk

Additional Notes:

  • If you have not printed these forms and are already traveling to the event, check with your hotel to see if there is a business center that you can utilize to print. Typically hotels have an area like this for guests.

  • Download the mobile app to ensure that you can receive important notifications onsite.