2024 Aero Document Deadlines

1/25/2024 12:06:05 PM ET   SAE Aero Design Series

Document Deadlines:

Don't miss important upcoming deadlines! Aero Design East (Florida) has several document deadlines due on January 29, 2024. Delayed submissions could result in point penalties or competition removal.

Throughout the 2024 season there are several required document submissions that are submitted on saeaerodesign.com. Failure to submit required documentation can result in your removal from the competition. If you are affiliated with your team on saeaerodesign.com, you will be able to submit documents under the ‘My Team's Report & Document Submissions’ area of your team member menu. You can find the document submission process outlined in the 2024 SAE Aero Design Rules.

The "Action Deadlines" page on saeaerodesign.com can be found under "Deadlines" tab. Competition deadlines can be sorted by event (East or West).


Your team MUST be built out on both sae.org AND saeaerodesign.com. If your team doesn’t have any individuals (or only individuals from the previous season(s) teams) on it, you are missing out on these important warnings. To create an account and affiliate it to your team on saeaerodesign.com, follow these instructions here. Note - if you are affiliating as a team captain, you need your invoice # from your 2024 registration invoice.