SAE STARS Aero East Codes Distributed

3/1/2024 8:14:17 AM ET   SAE Aero Design East

SAE Aero Design will be utilizing the STARS scoring system again to provide real time scores to teams digitally. Teams will also use this system to access their Self-Certification of Requirements and Safety Inspection checklists. To access the STARS system, please follow the steps outlined on Series Resources under "Scoring Resources" -> "SAE Stars Scoring Platform Instructions".

When an account is created and the team pairs the account with the team scoring activities, they will then have access to the Self-Certification module. Students will continue to use SAE STARS to self-certify by checking-off items on the app that the team meets the requirements. The team will be able to do the following in STARS:

  • Perform Self Certifications
  • See their scores when published
  • See flight card scoring progress
  • Check weather data

Download Instructions Here

Team codes for pairing to the SAE STARS scoring system for SAE Aero Design EAST have been distributed via email to all team members affiliated to their team roster at

PLEASE NOTE: The scores you are seeing are in real-time, meaning that you will see fluctuations once the competition begins. The scores will not be final until all the results have been tabulated and published in a ranking. Aero Design WEST codes will be distributed right before the onsite California event in April.