Participation Certificates

5/9/2019 11:46:21 AM   SAE Aero Design Series

Participation Certificates

Be sure to download your participation certificates for the 2019 SAE Aero Design Season before it’s too late!

Please be aware that we do not email or send you to participation certificates in any way. You can download your certificate yourself from your team profile page by clicking the edit button next to your name on the team roster at You will then scroll down and see an orange button towards the bottom that says “participation certificate”.

These will be available for you to print until mid-July/August. Once we switch over to the 2020 events in our system, you will be unable to access your participation certificates. We will NOT be able to access these certificates for you after they expire.

Steps to Print Participation Certificate

  1. log into your account at
  2. navigate to your event page (east) or (west)
  3. click the 'profile' tab
  4. click your team name
  5. click the edit button next to your name on the roster
  6. scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the orange 'participation certificate' button
  7. print