Competition Deadlines

Failure to meet deadlines
Teams registering for SAE Aero Design competitions are required to submit several documents prior to the competition including a Design Report and Technical Data Sheet that the event judges use to evaluate the team during the competition. When these documents are not submitted, judges cannot accurately assess the team. Additionally, teams that do not submit required documents typically do not come to the competition. Teams that do not notify us that they are withdrawing create the following problems:

  • They are included in the static event schedules and judging time is wasted.
  • Their unused registration slot cannot be offered to a team on the waitlist. Additionally, failure to submit the required documents is a clear violation of the rules.

Late Submission Penalty
Late submission or failure to submit the Design Report by the deadline will be penalized five (5) points per day. If your required documents are received more than five (5) days late, the documents will be classified as “Not Submitted” and your team will not be allowed to participate. Additionally, the automatic withdrawal policy will be in effect.

Automatic Withdrawal Policy
Failure to submit the required Design Report, Technical Data Sheet, and Drawings within five (5) days of the deadline will constitute an automatic withdrawal of your team. Your team will be notified before or on the 4th day of no submission that we have not received your documents and after the 5th day your team’s registration will be canceled, and no refund will be given.