NEW: Advanced Class Frequency Control Process

1/15/2019   SAE Aero Design Series
In order to reduce interference with FPV video transmissions and to make the competition move more smoothly, we have decided to implement a frequency control system for Advanced class.

Radisson Fort Worth South: SAE Event Rate

1/14/2019   SAE Aero Design East
The Radisson Fort Worth South is offering SAE teams a discounted rate of $72.00/night. Rooms need to be reserved no later than Tuesday, Feb 5, 2019. Click for more details.

2019 Pre-Inspection Document & Technical Checklists

1/10/2019   SAE Aero Design Series
The 2019 Pre-Inspection Document & Technical Checklists are available now for download under Series Resources! Download today at!

Preparing Your Resume

12/21/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
The 2019 CDS season is fast approaching and we want to remind you that sponsors will be looking to collect your formal resume at each event! Being prepared lets the recruiter know you are serious about your career. For tips on developing and improving your resume, click 'read more'.

Flight Plans Podcast - 2019 CDS Virtual Career Fair

12/18/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
In this episode we are joined by Martha Tress, Recruitment Sales Manager at SAE, to talk about the Virtual Career Fair. What can we expect from this year, what can you expect if you’re new, and what changes will there be?

Merchandise Store - Holiday Sale!

12/17/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Introducing the SAE International Holiday Sale! Now through January 11, 2019 SAE merchandise is 25% off using the promo code HOLIDAY25. We're also offering free shipping on standard delivery. Get your SAE gear today!

Volunteer Opportunity - Student Posters at Aerotech

12/13/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Students are invited to submit an abstract for a poster to be displayed at AeroTech Americas. Abstract submissions will be evaluated, and authors will be notified in advance of the event. For those accepted, individuals will receive an official letter to attend AeroTech (travel expenses are not included). Selections will be made by February 15, 2019.

Flight Plans Podcast: 2019 Advanced Class

12/4/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
In this episode we go deep into the new Advanced Class with our friends from the Rules Committee, Lonnie Dong and Tom Blakeney from Lockheed Martin. We take a look at the landscape of SAE Aero Design, recap regular and micro classes, and touch on the goals, changes, and possibilities of the new Advanced class!

Autodesk® Fusion 360® Free Webinars

11/26/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Autodesk invites SAE teams to join Autodesk® Fusion 360® free webinars. From exploring the full span of integrated technologies to a deep dive into manufacturing tools. Turn your winning idea into reality!

Flight Plans Podcast - Autonomy in Advanced Class

11/9/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
We'll be hosting a podcast later this month with a few rules committee members where we discuss the advanced class rules changes for 2019. We'd love to hear from you! Please submit any questions/topics you'd like to hear discussed on the podcast to and we'll do our best to answer them on air!

Team Restriction - One Team Limit

11/6/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
New for 2019, each team member may participate at a competition for only one team. For universities competing at a competition in more than one class, team members must choose one team to affiliate to and participate on. This change is keeping up with other Collegiate Design Series competitions and is intended to increase the educational value and safety of the competition.

SAE Aero Design Autodesk Partnership

10/23/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Autodesk announces its partnership with 2019 SAE CDS, and we have exciting news for you!

V3 Limiters - Color Coded in 2019

10/22/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
10/22/18 Update: The new 2019 limiters are back in stock! The limiters will be colored coded in 2019 with intention to make inspection and spot check faster.

CDS Virtual Career Fair

10/16/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Due to sponsor requests to meet students prior to the 2019 CDS season events, SAE International is hosting its CDS (Collegiate Design Series) Virtual Career Fair on January 31, 2019, 12-4 pm EST.

Rumbaugh Outstanding Student Leader Award

10/11/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
SAE would like to honor one outstanding student leader engaged in one or more SAE activities! Deadline for nomination has been extended to November 1st, so hurry up and apply today!

Registration 'How To': WebEx Recording

9/27/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
The recording from the SAE Aero Design Registration WebEx is now available! This WebEx recording offers itself as a great tool for teams who are unsure of how to do things such as: register for competition, verify university affiliation, retrieve participation certificates, complete payment, and more! Be sure to watch this WebEx to refresh yourself before attempting registration on Monday!

2019 SAE Aero Design Rules Released

9/18/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
The 2019 SAE Aero Design rules are available now for download under Series Resources! Changes include clarification of existing rules, administrative updates, and an exciting new theme for Advanced class. Please discard any rule sets downloaded prior to 9-18-18.

Rules Retraction

9/17/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
NOTICE: The rules that were published earlier today were incomplete. Please discard any copies of the rules that were downloaded today, Monday, September 17th. The complete and updated rules will be shared once final review by the Rules Committee is complete.

Learn Twice Initiative

9/13/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Is your team interested in volunteering? A World in Motion's Learn Twice Initiative allows your team to earn money for the 2019 Collegiate Design Series season by volunteering at a local elementary or middle school!

SAE Aero Design 2019 Registration WebEx

8/23/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Registration for the 2019 SAE Aero Design Series is scheduled for October 1, 2018 and approaching quickly! Join us on September 27th as we host a registration refresher course and live Q&A on WebEx! New and returning teams welcome. WebEx will be recorded.

Texas Competition Hosting 85 Teams

8/20/2018   SAE Aero Design East
Everything is bigger in Texas - including the number of teams for SAE Aero Design East! In 2019 SAE International and the local organizer in Fort Worth will be testing out hosting 85 teams on-site instead of the usual 75.

Participation Certificates EXPIRING

8/3/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Participation Certificates are set to expire August 15th! Be sure to login and download yours before the 15th. After we transition our web pages to the 2019 CDS events, Confirmation Letters and Participation Certificates for 2018 will no longer be available. This is non-negotiable.

2019 SAE Aero Design Pre-Registration

7/19/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Registration is right around the corner for 2019! Starting with the 2018 season, the CDS team made the decision to give the top three overall finishers in each class from both SAE Aero Design competitions the opportunity to pre-register for 2019. This change is in keeping with other CDS events. The opportunity to pre-register for 2019 will be for the event that corresponds to the one in which your team placed top three in this season only.

2019 SAE Aero Design Dates Released

7/19/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
The dates for the 2019 SAE Aero Design Series have officially been released!

Transferring Captainship

7/16/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Take the time now to make sure your captains are up to date on This will ensure a smooth transition for your team in 2019.

"Why I Volunteer"

6/6/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Enter the "Why I Volunteer" Video Contest for a chance to win an I-Phone X! Entries must be submitted by June 17th at 11:59 PM. 3 winners will be announced and videos featured as part of SAE Recognition Day on June 25, 2018.

SAE Aero Design East: Practice Field Availability

3/7/2018   SAE Aero Design East
We just got word that a local flying field will be available to those in need of practice on Thursday, March 8th. Click below for more details.

SAE Aero Design East: Mandatory Ops Briefing

3/6/2018   SAE Aero Design East
Excited to get in a lot of flight rounds in Florida this year? Click below for an important message from the SAE Aero Design East Contest Director on flight rounds and the mandatory ops briefing.

NOAA Hurricane Hunters Hangar Tour

2/23/2018   SAE Aero Design East
Thanks to the local organizers of SAE Aero Design East, students attending the competition in Florida now have the unique opportunity to visit and tour the NOAA Hurricane Hunters Hangar! Click below to learn how to sign up for this awesome event.

SAE Aero Design East: Welcome Packet & Event Guide

2/20/2018   SAE Aero Design East
The 2018 welcome packet and event guide for SAE Aero Design East in Florida this year have officially been published under Series Resources for your convenience. Click below for information on how to access these documents.

SAE Aero Design East: Inspection and Presentation Schedules Released!

2/20/2018   SAE Aero Design East
Download your 2018 Presentation and Inspection Schedules today! Click below for more information.

Notice: 2018 Technical Inspection Checklists Updated!

2/20/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
A line item in reference to Rule 2.5.2 has been added to the 2018 SAE Aero Design Technical Inpection checklists.These updated checklists can be downloaded from the Series Resources tab above. For more information on this change, click below to learn more.

Student Preparedness On-Site at CDS Events

2/19/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
With the 2018 CDS season approaching, we wanted to send a reminder that sponsors will be looking to collect your formal resume while on the event sites. Click below to learn more!

SAE v3 Limiter Instructions

2/16/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
The organizers of SAE Aero Design have put together a set of instructions on how to use your new SAE v3 Limiter. Click below to learn more.

2018 US FAA Drone Registration Information

2/15/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
US FAA drone registration information for SAE Aero Design 2018: Please be advised that ALL SAE Aero Design aircrafts (domestic AND international) must have a current FAA drone registration and display the drone registration number on their aircraft per the FAA rules. Click below to learn more.

SAE Aero Design West: Requesting a Pilot

2/9/2018   SAE Aero Design West
Need a pilot for SAE Aero Design West this year? Click below to find out how to coordinate your pilot support needs.

Additional Required Waiver - SAE Aero Design East

2/9/2018   SAE Aero Design East
Students attending SAE Aero Design East in Florida this year need to sign an additional photo release waiver for competition. Click below to learn more.

V3 Limiters Now Available!

2/1/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
The 2018 V3 SAE Limiters are now available for purchase on NeuMotors website. Click below to order now!

Fast Track Roster Deadlines Approaching Soon!

1/30/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Make sure you're affiliated to your university and added to your team roster by the Fast Track roster deadline. To learn more, click below.

Celebrate PI Day with SAE Foundation!

1/24/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Extreme Engineering is what CDS is about. Going beyond textbook theory by designing, building and testing the performance of a real vehicle. Your STEM education, curiosity and drive makes it possible for you and your team to push the boundaries of innovation. Consider helping future CDS team members fulfill their dream of extreme engineering by participating in the Pi Day Challenge in support of STEM education. Click below to learn more.

Missing Document Notification Change

1/17/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
Warning emails for missing document submissions will now be sent a new way. Click below to find out more.

SAE Aero Design East: Presentation Format

1/12/2018   SAE Aero Design East
Be prepared with the correct format when you arrive at competition this year! Click below to learn more.

2018 LIMITER UPDATE - January

1/10/2018   SAE Aero Design Series Series Resources

1/8/2018   SAE Aero Design Series
You can now access important rules and documents right here at! Click below to learn more.

Pilot Requests 2018: SAE Aero Design East

12/22/2017   SAE Aero Design East
Need to request a pilot?

2018 Document Submission Deadlines Change

11/3/2017   SAE Aero Design Series
Please be aware that deadlines for the Design Reports, 2D Drawings, and Tech Data Sheets have changed for both SAE Aero Design East and SAE Aero Design West. Click below to find out more information.

CDS Virtual Career Fair - coming soon!

10/26/2017   SAE Aero Design Series
Looking for an internship, co-op, rotational opportunity, or entry level position? Take part in the first ever CDS Virtual Career Fair on January 25th. Click below to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

Learn Twice Initiative

10/17/2017   SAE Aero Design Series
Want to earn money to cover your registration fees for this year? Click below to find out more.

NOTICE: Duplicate Team Names Restricted

9/20/2017   SAE Aero Design Series
Take extra care when choosing your team names during registration this year. Click below to learn more.

2018 SAE Aero Design Rules Released

9/18/2017   SAE Aero Design Series