URGENT - FPV Frequency Teams

3/6/2019 5:39:04 PM   SAE Aero Design East

URGENT - FPV Frequency Teams

If your team (advanced class) has not yet declared your FPV frequency for SAE Aero Design East, this MUST be completed immediately. Your team's tech sticker will be withheld until your frequency is declared. You must email your frequency choices to: glennsaefreq@gmail.com as soon as possible. Please notify us of your first and second choice of the FPV frequency that you would prefer to use. Please clearly state if you are attending our East or West event and include your team name and team number.

2019 Frquency Request Chart can be downloaded here

FPV Frequency Teams Still Missing:

#214 - Concordia University

#201 - Georgia Institute of Technology

#236 - Inst of Aeronautical Engrg Hyderabad

#220 - Kennesaw State University

#202 - Pontifical Catholic Univ-Rio de Janeiro

#203 - Univ of Cincinnati

#213 - Univ of Delaware

#229 - Univ of Tennessee - Martin

#237 - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

#233 - Universidad Panamericana

#221 - Vellore Institute of Technology